Birthday traditions everyone should follow

Birthday traditions everyone should follow

Birthdays are a special occasion and there is no doubt in the fact that no one other than kids are excited for birthdays, then it wouldn’t matter if it’s theirs or anyone else’s. Birthday memories are special and extremely hard to make, then why not try something which is effortless yet very enjoyable. So here are some fun traditions which you can make in order to make the moment most memorable and something which you can look forward to each year:

  • Balloon alarm

Don’t children love waking up to surprises? All you have to do is scatter party balloon Dubai all around the room and they will wake up to a sea of colours popping around. Their happiness will be undeniable.

  • Crown

The birthday princess deserves to be crowned. Stick to a royal theme and design paper crowns for all the children coming to the party. Choose a title of the party and princesses top and enjoy the royal birthday.

  • Cake decoration

Baking is one of the most fun tasks which a family can indulge in together. Get a plain cake from the bakery with readymade icing and let them be creative and have fun with it. Get all the sprinkles and frostings out and see the cake reveal in front of your eyes. This will keep them engaged all day long.

  • Build a time capsule

Time capsules are one of the best ways to capture memories and then look back upon them instead of being reminded through Facebook. This time capsule is just a simple shoe box which probably contains your whole life and the moments you cherish the most. Open it every year, throw in a piece of something memorable and visit it back the next year or time when you feel low.

  • Movie time

We understand kids can be on a tight schedule especially when they are young but birthdays are special and little allowance can cheer them up a lot. Have a family gathering, order flowers online Dubai, create an intimate aura and enjoy your favourite movie. This is the best low key birthday party one would ever enjoy.

There are so many other things which you can do, but what you need to remember is that keep the tradition alive, every year round.